Digital Art Angel #744 

I have not taken the time to post many of my angels. Not sure why.  Probably because I create one every day, so this blog would be over run with angels.  Not that that would be a bad thing, but I really want this site to be about all the art and things I create. I guess I need to post more of the other things I do so things will look balanced.

A Short Move of Angels and Fractals.

This is a short movie created in Adobe Clip on my mobile phone.  I am experimenting with different software options for video.  I would like to create “How To and DYI” videos for some of the stuff I make.  So I am looking for the easiest or best solution.

This video is of Angels that were on my phone and the music is stuff Adobe provides as free stock audio.

Let me know what you think.



Digital Painting Angel Number 708


I enjoy my Angel project.  I get time to think about ideas other than the day-to-day Earthly stuff.  You know, like filling jewelry orders or dealing with family stuff.  angel-708-angel-by-artist-mark-haglund

It forces me to imagine everything.  In this series of images, I just let go and let the image talk to me.  I listen, with my eyes and feelings, and then try to react with the correct tool, brush stroke, or color.

Because I create an Angel almost every day, it is like taking my mind to the gym and exercising my imagination on a daily basis. I enjoy the challenge of thinking and the challenge of pushing my knowledge of the software.

This is Angel #708.  So for almost two years I have created something every day.  I think that is important for makers, creators, and artist it just do it without worry of the outcome.  We have so many demands on our skills that we need play time. Time to create without fear of failure. That is what this project has been for me.

Thanks for reading



The One Thing I Know

The one thing I know is that I will be creating an Angel every day. Well, I try too create one every day. Sometimes I run out of time or I just don’t feel like it.

I have created over seven hundred Angel drawings or paintings over the past two years. This is Angel #695. I created this one in PhotoshopCC .

It is a real challenge creating anything every day , let alone the same theme over and over. This project has taught me that there are many ways to look at a subject and at life.

The project started three or four years ago when God asked me to create an Angel a day. How does this happen? Morning Pages,heard of them? If not, find out more here at Julia Cameron. The book she co-authored years ago was titled The Artist Way.

Anyway as I write sometimes I get into conversations with God.  During a particular conversation He told me to create an Angel a day.  I struggled with this for 2-3 years trying many forms of media.  I could never get one Angel done in a day.  Then digital art entered my life and an angel a day was possible.  As it is it can take several hours to complete a painting.

So when I wake in the morning I know that today I will or should create an Angel. There is comfort in having a goal each day. And I couldn’t ask for a better employer.


Many of my Angels are posted here for viewing

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