Making Jewelry From Brass- A New Brass Ring

I just started making jewelry from brass. The brass I use is 230 alloy brass.  It is sometimes referred  to as jewelers brass.  The type of brass has a close appearance to gold, …. for a few weeks, then is starts to tarnish.  Gold does not tarnish.

I still like the finished product.  The color is excellent. I think, both copper and brass lend themselves to rustic looking jewelry.  This piece has a hand hammered wood grain texture.  The inside is polished for a smooth fit and feel. It has a nice rustic look and a sophisticated feel.

So why not use gold?  Well there are several factors involved in using gold.  The first is cost. At roughly $1,250 an ounce for gold, and jewelers brass at $.90 an ounce, one can see there is a BIG difference in price.  Scrap is the other big factor. One needs to be set up to handle precious metals.  I am not…yet.

So for now copper and brass will be my metals of choice. They are easy to work with and both finish well.  Besides, I think both metals work better for rustic looking jewelry.  For some reason gold and rustic just do not seem to fit together.

Thanks for reading.



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